Brad Ruggles

The Art Of Living

God is our Realtor

forsaleThe other day we were putting up the “For Sale by Owner” sign in our front yard and a guy who was walking down the sidewalk stopped and said, “Good luck selling your house. We’ve had ours for sale down the road for 3 months with no bites. The market is really bad right now for selling.”

I went back in the house and told Lisa, “Hey, I’ve got great news! This guy just told me how bad the market was for selling right now and how long he’s had his house for sale in our subdivision. So now when God sells it we’re going to know He was the one that did it!”

That’s really been my perspective lately. It seems the more you step out in faith and trust God completely you begin to trust God for things that are more and more impossible. And that’s where God likes to work!!


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