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Living in a Hotel

“We can make our plans, but the LORD determines our steps.” – Proverbs 16:9

A lot has changed since Monday. For example…

  • I thought I would be writing today’s blog post from our new house instead of the lobby of the hotel we’re staying at.
  • I thought we would be unpacking boxes instead of extending the contract for the 3 storage units that hold our belongings.
  • I thought we would be settling our kids into their new rooms instead of trying to occupy them with repeated trips to the hotel pool.

For readers who may not be familiar with our story so far, we put our house up for sale in September and sold it in a market that’s not easy to sell a house in. We moved all of our belongings into storage in Indianapolis while we vacationed for a few weeks in Florida. Before we left we had confirmed all of the details on the condo we were purchasing and set to close on as soon as we got back.

We had a closing date of May 12 but talked to our mortgage and real estate agents from Florida and asked if we could move it to May 6 after we arrived back in Indianapolis from our trip. They said it wasn’t a problem. We found out last week that the closing could be delayed a few days but since our contract had a closing date of May 12 we thought we would still be ok. If we had to get a hotel room for a couple of days so be it.

We left Florida Monday morning stopping half-way to spend the night in Gatlinburg so the kids could see the Smokey Mountains. Tuesday morning I get a call from our mortgage agent. He had completely dropped the ball and not checked into the condo requirements for the type of loan we were getting.

Basically, our mortgage guy screwed us by assuring us that we were approved and would close this week without a problem (after having all of our paperwork and information for over a month).

Which brings me to the hotel lobby I’m writing this from this morning. We’re here until the end of the week while the clock keeps ticking on our pending closing date. Lisa was on the phone all day yesterday making calls to banks hoping for a last-minute miracle. If the deal falls through we are back at square one, staying in a hotel and looking for a place to live.

I know that God has everything under control but that doesn’t make the present situation any easier. Lisa and I have been trying to figure out a way to tell our kids that we may not be moving into the home that they were so excited about living in.

Please pray for direction and God’s will to be clear. I’m learning to hold all things loosely as God reminds me that His plans are best and His timing is perfect.

In the meantime I’ll close out this blog post from the lobby of the hotel that is our home with complete trust in God and anticipation of His provision.

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