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One of the things I love is Compassion’s one-to-one focus. What that means is that every child sponsored through Compassion is linked to just one sponsor. Through the sponsor-child relationship, a deep bond is developed as letters and photos are exchanged.

I could tell you about it…or I could introduce you to Samuel…


and his brother Paul…


Samuel is 8 years old. He is what is known in Compassion Sponsor sites as a Highly Vulnerable Child (HVC). 3 years ago when Samuel entered the Compassion sponsorship program he was so malnourished that he couldn’t walk or talk. The Compassion workers began providing Samuel’s family with vitamins and well-balanced nutrition. Today, Samuel is completely healthy.

We also met Samuel & Paul’s mother, Martha.


Prior to Compassion’s help Martha wasn’t able to provide for her family. She didn’t have a job and consequently wasn’t able to feed her family of five.

That was then.

Today, because of Compassion’s Complementary Intervention assistance, Martha was trained and given resources to start her own business. She now is able to raise vegetables and sell them in the market to provide for her family.

All of this happened because of one sponsor.

We asked them if they ever received letters from their sponsor. Martha stepped out of the room and returned with several letters from Maggie & Cassie Goff, Samuel’s sponsor.



These letters from their sponsor were a treasured possession to this family because they were from someone who invested into them from around the world. Because of Maggie & Cassie, their family can support themselves and Samuel can now walk and talk.


As we left their home and walked back to the project, Samuel fell in beside me and slipped his hand into mine.


I was privileged to come to Kenya and visit Samuel and his family in their home but I’m not the hero here. Maggie & Cassie are.

I looked down at that precious hand in mine, the hand of a child who just three years ago couldn’t walk or talk, and I realized that I am simply standing in for Maggie and Cassie. They are the ones who deserve to hold Samuel’s hand.

They have invested in his life and their investment has paid off. Samuel walks and talks because of them.


So Maggie & Cassie, if you ever read this, thank you. I caught a little glimpse into the world of your sponsored child today. I read your letters. I saw the difference you made in their lives. I am so thankful that you made the decision to step up and break the chains of poverty.

Be inspired by this story. Who is your “Samuel?” Who will you sponsor? There are so many more just waiting for you to be a part of their story.

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