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Beautiful Kenyan Children Singing

There is something especially amazing about the beauty of children’s voices lifted in song, especially these beautiful Kenyan children we met yesterday at Compassion project KE-611.

This little girl wowed me with an impromptu performance. Her little head bob just kills me!

I had so much fun hanging with these kids at the project. I slipped back into my VBS days and had fun telling stories and playing games. How could you not have fun with such an attentive audience?


One of the highlights was teaching them how to play “Duck Duck Goose”


All of these beautiful children are currently sponsored by amazing people around the world…


…but there are still so many precious children waiting for a sponsor. Children like little Igoki:


Her birthday is coming up in just a couple of weeks. I can’t think of a better birthday present for her than to know she is sponsored.

There is someone out there for little Igoki…maybe that someone is you. Will you sponsor a child today and give children like Igoki the chance to break free from the cycle of poverty?

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