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I’m Leaving A Piece of My Heart In Africa


Last week I introduced you to Ivon Magoma, our newest sponsored child from Kenya. I met her briefly on Wednesday when we visited her project in the Kawangware slum but I got to spend the entire afternoon with her today at Nairobi Mamba Village.

She was a little shy at first but she began to loosen up after I pulled out pictures of my family.



I couldn’t blame her for being shy and a little overwhelmed. Today was a day of firsts for Ivon.

Her first time at a restaurant…


Her first time in a bounce house…



Her first face painting…



My girls have seen giraffes at least a dozen times but today was the first time Ivon had ever seen one…



Her first time on amusement rides (or the African equivalent of them)…



Her first time jumping with her very own “skipping rope” that I brought her…


The first photograph she has ever owned of herself…



For a few hours today, Ivon was plucked from the poverty of the slums and allowed to experience the fun and happiness every little girl should know.

Our day of fun came to an end all too quickly. When it was time to go I hugged her tight and told her that I was so very proud to be her sponsor. I assured her that we would write soon and that we would anxiously await her letters.

As I got on the bus to drive back tears welled up in my eyes. I had only known Ivon for less than a week and yet I felt a love for her that made my heart ache.

Today was probably the most fun Ivon had ever had in her entire life…and yet why is it that I feel like the fortunate one? How could one little child affect me so deeply?

Today I and the rest of the bloggers here with me got to witness first-hand the power of a Compassion sponsorship relationship. I’m leaving a piece of my heart in Africa with this precious child.

You may never be able to meet your Ivon in person like I did today but your impact in their life will be no less powerful. You have the opportunity to change a life, to release a child from poverty and give them the hope for a brighter future.

Don’t wait. Sponsor your child now.

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