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I live in Kenya, And I have Gun Safe At My Home – Taylor Stoke

A report from CNN on June 19, 2017 stated 1300 U.S. children are killed each year from guns. And this make me worry that if a secure country like USA is suffering from this, so we also can.

This was a study from the Disease Control and Prevention National Vital Statistics System Database.Because of fairly easy access to guns, a deranged person can obtain powerful rifles and handguns. Currently the background checks do not identify a mentally I’ll individual. The thought of this occurring seems inconceivable but as mass shootings continue we are shaken from this happening in our civilised world.

The answer to these catastrophes is not to take everyones’ guns away. Besides being an impossibility, it would be unconstitutional in our democratic society. One solution is to secure one’s weapons in a safe and another is education in schools and at home. Children become almost numb to violence that they see on TV and video games. Sometime they become fascinated with the power of a gun and want to experience it for themselves. Not being taught how to handle guns, a child can easily shoot themselves. A hospital Emergency Department sees many terrible cases but seeing accidental shootings of children are devastating.

Gun shot wounds cause extensive tissue damage and even with many surgical interventions the child is never the same emotionally or physically. A solution to keep children safe at home is to own a locked safe. They are well worth the cost as
they could safe a life. Education of the dangers a gun possesses should be taught at home and in schools. There should be strict rules in place regarding who is allowed access to weapons in the home and always double check the safe is locked and the key is secured where only the adult has access.

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Every adult who is responsible and wants a gun should be allowed to purchase guns as it is their right; however I think there should be a psychological test required to identify mental instability. Selling guns to the mentally ill individual should be prohibited and the gun seller should face criminal charges if he does. Powerful rapid firing assault weapons have no place in the home and should only be used in combat. The homeowner who desires protection from intruders or assault should always be
allowed to own and carry a gun if they have the proper license. Owning weapons requires a lot or responsibility and should not be taken lightly.

Another option for guns are trigger locks. Usually they are provided when a person purchases their gun. If trigger locks are in place the accidental handling by a child can prevent their death. It seems surreal we have so many killings by guns. Every time there is a mass shooting or a child is killed by a gun at home there is an outcry for gun reform. However because of the constitution gun advocates insist it is their right. I think we all agree on that but the extent some gun owners push the limits to obtain an arsenal is in my opinion irrational. If we lived in Iraq maybe an arsenal would be appropriate. There are no limits on how many guns an individual can have in this country and I think there should be regulations in place so it would be impossible own an arsenal.

Sometime I think people do not value this precious life we were given; being reckless and non caring they bypass the love and beauty we were put on earth to enjoy. I do think guns have their place for hunting( If you have so many guns, it’s good to use American security safe accessories for that ), target practice, and collecting; but our society has turned gun ownership into a topic for arguing and defensiveness. There are groups in the U.S. Who enjoy heckling non-gun owners with angry phrases that are nonsensical. On the other hand we have non-gun owners who push their puritan values on others and make matters worse. Both groups are equally at fault and need to find a happy medium. Seems it is an impossible feat these days.

In the meantime, keeping guns locked in a safe, using trigger locks, and teaching children and adults responsibilities regarding handling and using weapons should be our goal. As a Pre-medicine student at Pacific Lutheran University, I shutter when I hear of people getting killed by guns. So, we advise you to usea gun safe with fingerprint recognition as they are secured by fingerprints.However, my family has firearms and I have never feared that they were a danger in the home. Rather, to the contrary, I feel more secure and confident my family are responsible gun owners. As most responsible gun owners, my family keeps their guns in safes.

I remember when I was ten years old my family and I lived in a house in a not so great area. At this time, we did not possess any fire arms. Although we had no guns, we felt safe. Around Christmas time at 2 am, there was a random attempt break in. Someone was pounding on our front door trying to break it down, thinking no one was home. I was in my room terrified and began silently crying. My dad quietly opened my door and gestured me to come into his room where the rest of my family conjugated. We immediately called 911 and they responded at such a rapid pace the attempted intruderfled from the sirens. The cops then searched my neighborhood and found him claiming he was a wanted man for intruding homes.

Ever since that day, my family has owned fire arms. I have never felt more secure in my own home from owning guns. My family goes shooting every once in awhile at gun ranges to improve their skill. As responsible gun owners, we own a safe in our home and keep all guns locked inside of it. Our purpose of being gun owners is only to keep each other safe in case someone tries to harm us like when it almost happened to me when I was 10.

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