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Give The Dog A Bone


Earlier this summer we added a little puppy named Bella to our family. She’s been a perfect pet for us and has fit right in with our family. Aside from the normal puppy stuff you deal with we really can’t complain. She’s playful, has a great personality and isn’t a barker.

We gave Bella a few rawhide bones when she was a puppy (until we found out they weren’t good for her) so we recently bought some real bones for her to chew on and that’s when the fun started…

The primal instincts kicked in for our adorable little 5-pound dog as soon as she got a hold of a “real” bone. She took it in her crate and would growl viciously at anyone who tried to take it from her. That same dog who only hours before would play with the kids or fall asleep on our lap would think she was a wolf in the wild if she had a bone.

Needless to say, we’re working with her to train this bad habit out of her, but it got me thinking – I’m not really that different than my 5-pound pooch. They say dogs are like their owners but in this case I’m a lot like my dog.

I act pretty thankful for God’s blessings and provision until I latch on to something I really want. I growl and complain if God decides to take something away that I think belongs to me. I forget that I’m only a caretaker of the gifts God entrusts to me and start thinking that they’re mine.

God has been teaching me to hold everything loosely. I’d like to say that I always live by these verses from Deuteronomy – I don’t, but I’m trying – “Give freely and spontaneously. Don’t have a stingy heart. Always be generous, open purse and hands…” 

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