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What Should We Eat In Africa’s Summer

Normally, stews, soups, and snacks are parts of African cuisine, apart from that, there are various interesting and easy to make stapled starch dishes that come together with those dishes. The list below shows the various dishes included in African cuisines.


This staple dish is normally found in North African cuisine. It is the dish contains semolina which is served with a meat dish or stew. Algeria has a national dish called Couscous and it is very popular in Berber traditional dishes. This ready to eat dish can be found in most of the Western supermarkets. An authentic couscous is made with semolina, flour, spices like saffron and cinnamon and boiling water. This blend tastes better. Here you should know one thing that if you want to store the leftover food in Africa’s summer you just need to know some tips to keep your food fresh for long time.


It is a staple dish found in Sudanese cuisine, which is a kind of bread prepared from durra, sorghum, corn. It is normally given with stews like waika, sabaroag and bussara mainly made from dried meat, dried onions, spices and peanut butter, adding milk and yogurt are optional. The mixture is made up of sorghum with water and kept it for overnight and then flour and more water is added to make a batter. Then it gets fried in a pan. Variety of staple is made with asseeda, which is also given served with stews.

Mkatra Foutra:

It is a popular staple dish of Comoros, which is given with coconut-based curries. It is yeasted-leavened bread prepared with coconut milk, flour, salt, eggs, butter and sesame seeds. It can be served with famous east African dishes like island dish, rougaille which is made with tomatoes, chili powder and shallots.


It is regularly utilized flatbread which was found in Ethiopian cuisine. It is normally served with stews like zigni and tsebhi stew. It is prepared with teff, a grain widely grown in East Africa and can be used as a substitute for rice, maize, and corn. The mixture of teff flour and water and kept it for 3 days for fermentation. For better fermentation, yeast is also added sometimes. And then cast-iron skillet is used to fry the batter.


It is a staple dish served with the dishes like sukuma wiki, which has leafy green vegetables like kale, tomatoes, onion, and spice mix called Sukuma ya nyama, mchuzi mix, which is actually a version of meat of sukuma wiki. It is made from cornmeal, by taking boiling water in a pot and it is cooked until it gets stiff. This dish is also served in countries Tanzania, Rwanda, which is prepared with cornmeal, cassava flour, millet or sorghum. It is served with mchicha from Tanzania, prepared with beans and leafy vegetables like spinach, garlic, tomatoes, and onion. Ugali is known as posho in Uganda.

Bogobe, Pap and Nsima:

These are famous accompaniments in the South African regions. These 3 names are similar to a dish from East Africa such as cornmeal, sorghum, and maize cooked with the help of boiling water in a pot until it gets stiff. It is made is thinner consistency for breakfast and given with a milk and sometimes sugar. These dishes are given with other foods such as mogudu (tripe), braai meat, ndiwo, a vegetable from Malawi. In some region people are capable to fight against poverty and now they are fulfilling there need of food by there own.



It is the famous food that is known as the base food of dish in the Sahel region in Africa, normally in Mali and Burkina Faso. It is prepared with millet, sorghum and corn, which is then, gets in boiling water for a few minutes. And then set in a cleaner bowl. After adding, flour is added to make it thicker smooth paste like Ugali. It is normally served with soup, sauce, or stew dish.

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