Brad Ruggles – The Wellness Warrior

About Brad

I’m married to the most outstanding woman in the whole world. Together, Lisa and I have two delightful girls – Chloe (6) and Emily (4).

We make our home here in Indianapolis. I love my family more than anything but I still struggle to keep my passions and priorities in order.


I’m passionate about the Church, its influence on culture, and making it better. I’m constantly challenging the process – examining what I do, why I do it and its relevance in today’s progressive culture.

I affirm and embrace beauty wherever I find it. I love listening to a new indie artist, watching a beautifully-filmed movie, or engaging in a compelling discussion about current social issues.

I’m a self-professed geek. I spend way too much time working on my computer, listening to my iPod, or programming web pages.

I could spend hours in Best Buy. I’m a big science fiction fan and love superheroes (I’ve always thought I would make a great Spiderman).

I’m a work in progress. The longer I live the more I realize how much I have to learn.

Above all I’m a passionate follower of Jesus and I strive to make him known in everything I do.


About This Blog

I really wanted a venue to talk about the things I’m passionate about. On this blog I cover current social issues, music, culture, marketing, leadership principles and church strategies.

This blog is a way for me to interact with people like you who have a desire to shape culture and celebrate what God is doing in our world today.

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Get In Touch:

I would love to hear from you! Shoot me an email at info[at] (just replace the [at] with @, but did I really need to tell you that?).