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first date questions

Top 5 Questions I Asked My Partner On Our First Date

Going on a first date can be exciting now that you’re preparing to meet a person you’ve never seen before.

In this era of the internet, many couples meet online before the actual date is arranged.

Actually, couples chat with one another and they get to ask a lot more questions before they find the confidence to meet each another. If you’re a guy, then click on this link to get a huge list of questions to ask a girl by John Davenport of Sociotelligence.

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The Importance of Attitude in Meetings and Proposals

I want to digress today from the subject matter we normally talk about (I’m still trying to figure that out by the way) and talk about attitude. I realize that this may come off sounding like “self-help” motivational mumbo-jumbo but hear me out.

Lisa and I were on the way to an important meeting a few weeks ago and were discussing our hopes for the desired outcome.

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Baby Orangutan: Cute or Creepy?

Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? No? Ok, good.

Because I have an idea your children will absolutely LOVE!

Check out this “incredibly lifelike orangutan toddler” by Master Sculptor Simon Laurens!

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dead birds fishes

Dead Birds, Fish & The End of the World

Blogs and local news agencies have been abuzz in this past week with stories of mass populations of animals who are mysteriously dying without any apparent reason.

The story that started with the thousands of blackbirds that fell from the sky in Arkansas on New Year’s Eve.

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Intel Introduces Drones and Bat-Mounted Sensors to Revolutionize Cricket Coverage

Recently, Intel in alliance with American football’s NFL conducted a successful trial of drones’ technology in sports.

This is really going to be one of the most spectacular cricket events the world has ever seen and it’s really going to change the game of cricket forever.

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star wars

Talking To Your Kids About Star Wars

A couple of weeks ago over Fall Break, I was able to celebrate a huge milestone with my children that they will remember for years to come.

I sat down and watched the Star Wars trilogy with my children.

I had been waiting for the day when I knew they were ready to really get into the story and characters.

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Our Fall Staycation – Turkey Run

We had originally planned on traveling somewhere for Fall Break this past week but decided instead to save some money and stay home for a “staycation.”

We talked it over with the girls and figured out where we would go and what we would do (while keeping a few surprises up our sleeves).

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That same dog who only hours before would play with the kids or fall asleep on our lap would think she was a wolf in the wild if she had a bone.

Give The Dog A Bone

Earlier this summer we added a little puppy named Bella to our family. She’s been a perfect pet for us and has fit right in with our family.

Aside from the normal puppy stuff you deal with us really can’t complain. She’s playful, has a great personality and isn’t a barker.

We gave Bella a few rawhide bones when she was a puppy (until we found out they weren’t good for her) so we recently bought some real bones for her to chew on and that’s when the fun started…

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The Story of Stuff

I don’t often post videos on my blog that are 20 minutes long.

Let’s face it, in today’s fast-paced society, most people are skipping ahead or closing a YouTube video after the first 60 seconds.

This video that my brother posted on Facebook, however, held my attention to the very end.

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Firefighter Appreciation Luncheon

We have been looking for ways to reach out to and serve our community as we prepare for launching our new church.

We recently contacted the Westfield Fire Department and asked if we could put together an appreciation luncheon for the firefighters as a way of saying thank you for what they do.

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