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The minimum age for laser hair removal

Day by day, laser hair removal treatment is getting popular as a safe way of removing body hair treatment. You can get rid of unwanted body hair in many different locations you want. The popularity of this treatment is getting high, and people of ages are getting interested in taking the treatment. Now the question is which age is perfect for taking laser hair removal?

When young people want to take the treatment, at first know their motive. Know about the age, check if he/she is mature enough to understand the expectation and process and is mature enough to know the importance of taking care of the skin. And the most important thing is the permission of the guardian. The doctor can go for the treatment without any permission. And for the parents, make sure you are going to the right doctor to take the treatment.

What age is perfect for the treatment?

Though the treatment is safe, twelve years is the best age to go for the treatment. There is not much risk in this treatment, but the burning skin or pigmentation change is a big problem for the children’s skin. The treatment takes time to work. So, it is not sure that the young one will stay still until the treatment goes the end, and as they have to go for many sessions, don’t think they have that patience to wait.

But from the age of sixteen, the kid is mature enough to understand the process and enjoy the moment while taking the treatment. So, I think 14 to 16 is the best age to take laser hair removal treatment.

The reason for making the age limit for taking the hair removal treatment is for the hormonal change situation. This change comes for the puberty. We go through the teenage year with puberty with the hair change situation. In this time the body hair grows and gets thick. It is not a wise decision to wait for hair growth in the last stage to get the best result.

If your young child is dealing with excess hair problems, make sure to contact an experienced laser treatment specialist who has experience with kids. If you find one, take the treatment from him be it expensive and long treatment.

Treating teens have some issues

You may face difficulty to find some laser hair treatment experts to treat your teenage kid. There are reasons. The biggest problem is the adolescent hormone; this hormone makes the hair growth fast even the area is treated with the laser. You will get the best result for some days, but after weeks or months, hair growth will be seen in the treated area. You will realize that the treatment needs time and money for a long time to get the best results. But this treatment is expensive. If the guardian and teen agree with the time and money, then treatment will be safe and effective. Just search for the expert that works with hair removal treatment, especially who is working with the age group. This search promises the best result.

What kind of solution you require?

The best thing about laser treatment, there are now different options. You can customize the treatment options to improve the skin and hair. If it is your kid, who needs the laser hair removal treatment, discuss with the laser specialist to use the best laser treatment to work. The laser treatment doesn’t work on tan skin, remember that. If your kid has to stay under the sun, then the treatment will not work for the skin.  The laser hair treatment offers hair reduce for any skin type with a safe procedure. Just make your kid mentally prepared for the long sessions

How to prepare your kid to get the laser treatment?

Although the treatment is safe, you have to take some preparation before taking the hair removal treatment. Before the treatment, ask your expert:

  • Is the dermatologist board-certified and have experience?
  • How many treatments did the doctor give?
  • How long will the session take?
  • How many sessions does my kid need?
  • What are the results?
  • What to follow before taking the hair removal treatment?
  • What are the side effects?
  • How much I have to pay for the whole treatment?

The dermatologists will inform you some information like below:

  • Do I have any tan?
  • Is there any scar on your kid’s skin?
  • If my skin has any outbreaks of genital herpes or cold sores.
  • If my kid is taking any kind of medicine?

You have to answer all these questions, and it is mandatory. The skin expert will also have a skin examine because he has to know the type of your skin. And also the area where the hair is growing, the color and the hair growth cycle.

Before the treatment:

If your kid needs anesthesia, then don’t give him/her food from midnight.

Make your kid prepare for the treatment by talking with him/her.

 The treatment day:

  • Give your kid comfortable clothes.
  • Stay with your kid during the session.
  • Give your kid a protective glass.
  • Keep your kid calm during the session
  • Make sure to follow all the rules after the treatment is done.
  • Talk with the doctor if any problem occurs suddenly.


Laser treatment, especially hair removal treatment, is safe for every age. Laser hair removal treatment is for them who don’t want any unwanted hair on the body. If your kid has excess hair on the body, then you can think about having the hair removal treatment. But don’t take the kid unprepared. Make him understand the process and duration. If your kid is not a calm kid, then wait for him to grow mature enough. Because the session requires a calm patient. Apart from that, laser hair removal treatment is safe for any age. Make sure the dermatologist is the expert one especially who works with kid’s skin.

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Is laser hair removal safe for face?

Excessive hair growth and unwanted hair in different places are always considered irritating for all. Some peoples are waiting to spend huge money and spending time to get rid of unwanted and excessive hair.

There are so many methods to remove the hair out there like electrolysis, shaving, and waxing. These methods are traditional but expensive, time-consuming, and painful. For these reasons, laser treatments are now popular treatment. It is like therapy with cosmetic treatment. In the world, some plastic surgeons are giving laser treatment worldwide. They are expert in giving treatment with smoothness and reducing the irritating hair.

With this treatment, the unwanted hair will go away in minutes. For this, people are getting interested in getting rid of the irritating hair, especially facial hair with laser hair removal treatment. But be careful about the treatment as it is the cosmetic treatment, you may face scar or burn in your skin.

As the face is the sensitive part of your body, you have to make sure the laser treatment is safe or not. Collect all the information about the laser treatment, especially on the face, then decide.

Laser Hair Removal for Face

In the body, if we have excess and unwanted hair, we can cover the body areas easily. But face can’t be covered or hidden. It always stays exposed. You will see some people have excess hair on the face. Some have hairs in the eyebrow, upper lip, and chin.  To remove them safely, people are going for laser hair removal. Laser hair removal treatment takes less time but has the effect of a long time. But you have to keep in mind that it will need lots of the session to get a better result.  

Side Effects of Laser Hair Removal on your Face

By getting laser hair removal treatment, you will get a beautiful face with smooth skin. But you will have to go through some pain as side effects of the face. The worst side effect of the hair removal laser is hair regrowth, especially in the area you have treated.

It is an open secret that laser doesn’t give permanent hair removal solution. It just reduces hair growth. Some patients get their hair back again within six months after taking the treatment. But the hair grows lighter and more delicate than before.

There are more side effects like-

  • You may experience slight pain
  • Your face will get red
  • Crusting may happen
  • The treatment area may have the risk of having an infection
  • The eye may get injured
  • The pigmentation will get changed
  • The scar may arrive in the area
  • You may face blistering

Is Laser Hair Removal Safe

I hope you have all the information about the laser hair removal treatment that it has some safe side effects like all the cosmetic surgery. Be mentally ready for the effects. The bad effect is when you will get an infection on the face, you will get in the eyes also.

But all these are curable and don’t last long. If you can endure the pain, go-ahead for the laser treatment because it is totally safe for your face, just keep your eye safe by wearing safe glass. Because the laser is harmful to the eye.

The pros and cons of laser hair removal

Now it is the time to know about the good and bad about the laser treatment. It is totally up to you to decide on removing hair from your body. You have to know the pros and cons before taking any decision. It will play a safe role for you.

What are the pros of the laser hair removal treatment?

The hair removal treatment doesn’t take away the hair forever, but it reduces hair growth radically. You will not have to worry about shaving.

You can take the treatment in any part of your body. The machine covers places like face, legs, stomach, back, bikini line, and anywhere you want. You can take the laser treatment with ease.

Now let’s talk about the pain while doing the hair removal treatment. You will have mixed pain feelings. The pain is like shaving and waxing. If you mix both of them, you will feel that kind of pain.

The cons of laser hair treatment

This treatment is a long process.  The sessions take less than a minute, but the multiple sessions are required to have the best results. And it may take six weeks.

Expensive treatment. If you calculate the spending on waxing or razors, you have to add more 400$ to spend in the laser treatment sessions. You have to invest in better results from the best treatment.

The laser works on fair skin and dark hair. So, the skin and hair, you need to get treated needs to contrast to help the laser to target. It doesn’t mean that dark skin tone can’t take the laser treatment. But you have to make sure the right laser is working on your skin and hair. Check the laser type and consult with the expertise.

If you take treatment from inexperienced expertise, then you will have skin with a scar and burn. There are now several laser treatment centers, but they don’t guarantee expert technicians. Even doctors need to get well trained to give proper laser treatment. So, check for the verified and certified ones before taking any treatments.


Yes, you can tell that laser treatment for hair removal is completely safe for face. Scientists have done lots of research and proved that laser is not harmful to facial hair remover. But one thing you have to ensure that you have to take the treatment from experienced laser expertise and do the treatment in a renowned laser clinic. Men and women both can take facial hair removal laser treatment. If you are totally irritated with your unwanted hair, then take laser treatment. It is really worth it. Save some money and go for the laser treatment. 

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How to remove hair after laser treatment?

We love the hair in our head but don’t want any unwanted hair on the other parts of the body, especially on the face, leg, and hand. Some of us have extra hair form normal. Few products help to remove the unwanted hair, but it doesn’t give a smooth feeling as the laser treatment gives. By using beauty products, the skin experiences different side effects like blisters. The laser treatment has some safe side effects, and it is an effective method. After the treatment, your body will experience hair-free and smooth skin. You have to know about treatment and what you have to do after the laser treatment.

What Is Laser Hair Removal?

To take care of our hair, we tend to follow any method we can. But to be honest, hair is like a dead protein; it is just like our nails. As for the hair removal process with laser, laser only works on the hair root. At first, laser targets the root and attacks to damage the hair growth procedure.

At any time, the growth phase of the follicles always stays at 20%. In this phase, the follicle builds up with melanin and creates a new hair strand. As melanin is the dark pigment, it is good in absorbing laser light. This simple step is the hair removal process. When the follicle is in the growth phase, the pigment absorbs the laser more. This absorption causes heat that kills the follicles to die. So new hair strand can’t grow from the dead follicle.

Understanding hair growth and laser hair removal

To remove annoying hair form the body, laser hair removal depends on the laser light. If you get laser treatment to remove hair, the use of shaving kit, wax, plucking will get minimize. The laser with extreme heat goes through the body skin to the hair root, which is also known as hair follicle in the skin surface below and removes the hair. Once the hair follicle gets permanently destroyed, new hair will stop growing. The growth rate of the hair is half an inch per month. The hair growth cycle is 8-10 weeks. The facial hair grows in the cycle of 4 weeks, and the legs get new hair growth every 8-10 weeks. This is why hair removal session is required every month.

Hair Growth Cycles

To make the laser treatment work, hair needs to be in a growing stage. In this stage, the hair stays visible on the skin surface. The laser light grabs the hair and goes through the hair follicle and destroys the root. Thus, laser hair removal is successful.

The catagen cycle is the hair stage when the hair falls out naturally. This stage doesn’t come because of the hair removal laser treatment. In this natural stage, hair grows before shedding.

The final stage of hair growth is the Telogen cycle. In this stage, hair doesn’t grow or develop as this stage is a resting stage. If your hair is in this stage, then you can’t treat the hair with laser.

All the hair type doesn’t promise the same cycle as the natural hair growth, hormone, and age differ per person to person. Every hair has its growth cycle.

When the laser hair removal session is over, in 7 to 30 days, the hair bulb will start growing. In this stage, you may experience bumps like ingrowing hair and redness.  Because the body will try to push out the hair from the follicle. As the hair is trapped, it caused bumpiness. So, you can tell the hair is rising when you will see the skin surface is uneven. If you feel that there is no bumpiness, then don’t try to tweeze or pluck because, in the next session, the hair root can’t be destroyed. When your skin gets red, try any ointment to reduce the redness. You can exfoliate the dead hair by using cotton and rub with it. If still, the dead hair is not going out, then wait till the hair falls out naturally.  Make sure to ask and tell any kind of question or irritation you feel to your laser specialist. The best medicine for this treatment is you have to be patient.

How to remove the hairs after treatment

After the treatment, you have to follow some basic rules to enjoy the best result. The expectations after the treatment are:

You have to avoid the sunlight. You have done it before as you have kept your skin protected from the sun for six weeks before going to the laser hair treatment. After taking the treatment, your skin is super sensitive. If you don’t avoid the sun, then you will face severe complications in the next sessions.

The hair will fall out, and it is sure. After taking the treatment, the hair will try to grow from the hair root. But in 10 to 14 days, the hair will be in the stage of falling out. At that time, you can remove the hair gently with a washcloth when you have a shower.

Do not dare to wax or pluck. When the hair reaches the falling out stage, you have to wait till the hair falls out naturally. So do not wax, tweeze, or pluck the hairs from the treated area. If you feel the hair is not shedding, then the root is still active. You have to mark the area and tell your laser professional in the next sessions. You can shave, but don’t use anything that will pull out the roots.

You have to go for more laser treatment sessions to get better results. Some patients need to take four to ten sessions to get permanent results. The duration of the session time is in every month or in two months.

After each laser hair removal treatment, you will notice less hair in the area you targeted. The hair that is still growing comes in a light color.

what to do before laser treatment

What to do before laser hair removal on face

Laser hair removal with the laser is the safe and painless method to remove unwanted facial and body hair. You will experience a painless journey while doing laser treatment. This procedure is technically known as permanent hair removal, but it is hair reduction. Your hair growth will go less, and you will not need shaving. You can do laser treatment in part of your body except for the eyes. Here we will talk about laser hair removal on the face.

Why shed away the facial hair

It is human nature to look beautiful.  The area we have excess hairs, try to cover up to not get exposed. But you can’t hide the hairs in the faces like the hairs on your chin or upper lips. For these hairs, you may feel down. Just go for the facial hair remover and boost up your confidence. With laser treatment, you can enjoy:

  • Reduce facial hair secretly and safely for permanent.
  • You will gain your self-confidence
  • No need to face the razor irritation.
  • FDA-cleared lasers.

To be honest, the most sensitive part of the body is your face. If you just go through a manual hair removal procedures frequently, you will face irritation constantly. So, laser treatment is highly recommended. Do the treatment and permanently reduce the hair. This process just takes minutes.   

This hair removal treatment is not for the only woman; men also can take the treatment. Nowadays, the man also searches for easy hair removal options to avoid painful methods.

Men go for hair removal treatment to remove hairs from:

  • Back of the neck
  • Neckline
  • Full beard.

What to do before going for laser hair removal?

Yes, you have to follow some steps before you go under the radiation. Don’t be afraid; they are some simple steps:

At first, you have to check your skin as it is ready to take the laser treatment or not. As the laser targets on the pigment hair follicle. So, the laser can’t work on white hair, grey, and blond hair. Also, a woman with hormonal imbalance can’t take the hair removal treatment.  

Before deciding on taking hair removal laser treatment, go to see a consultant. They will do a patch test to determine your skin type is ready or not.

The laser works in the root of the hair. So, you have to avoid waxing and plucking the hair 4 to 6 weeks before your appointment. You can do shaving as it keeps the roots. When you have an appointment, shave the area you want to get treated. You will have an appointment in 8 to 10 weeks. So, make your shaving schedule matching by the time. Shaving is recommended because burning chance will get decreased for the unwanted hair is there in the skin surface.

Before two weeks of your laser hair removal appointment, try to stay in the house and avoid sunlight. It is to stop being tanned. If you don’t follow this step, your skin will lose its natural color, and you will suffer from blistering and excess pain. Laser professionals don’t treat skin with sunburn, be it minor. They will tell you to reschedule the appointment. If you need to go outside the emergency, then apply a good sunscreen.

As laser hair removal works to damage the hair roots. The pigment of the hair stays in the root absorbs the laser light. By this, the hair growth gets destroyed. When you use the bleach in your facial hair, the pigment gets changed, and the hair gets unrecognizable for the laser ray. Stop using bleach six weeks before your laser appointment. By this time, the hair pigment will return to the natural color.

Make sure your laser therapist knows all about your medications, be it oral or topical. Because some medicine has the ability to make laser effectiveness less powerful. Some turn the skin super sensitive, and some make the skin sunburned. You don’t need to stop the medicine; the laser professional will adjust the laser treatment and work with caution. So, tell everything about your lifestyle and medicines.

Beauty products have some ingredients that block the laser to work. Don’t put on makeup when you are going for laser treatment. Also, avoid lotions, deodorant, ointments on the treatment day. Just clean the area with mild soap.

Avoid caffeine 24 hours before the laser hair removal treatment. Because coffee makes you excited, and it is not good for the treatment. While having laser treatment, you have to stay calm.

What to expect during the hair removal procedure?

There are some steps you have to follow during the treatment:

  1. The esthetician will clean the treatment area before the treatment starts.
  2. If you want to do it in sensitive areas, the esthetician will apply a numb gel.
  3. You will be given protective eyewear to prevent any kind of damage.
  4. The laser beam will be focused only on the targeted area.
  5. You will not get hurt but will feel little discomfort like stinging on the skin.  


Facial skin is the most sensitive part of the body. If you frequently do wax, use hair removal creams, and any other methods, your skin is ruined. Taking care of damaged skin is not so easy. It doesn’t take time to have soft baby skin. Just go there by following the rules properly and get smooth, hairless skin in no time. Some people think that to remove facial hair is not good. Well, partially, it is right. Because natural hair protects the skin from any kind of bacteria. But to look beautiful, you have to get rid of the facial hair. Go for the best laser clinic and take different sessions to have the best results in hair removal.


Laser hair removal side effects cancer?

Laser treatment, a new treatment that is becoming popular day by day. When a new treatment comes in the front line, people try to sort out the harmful effects as things are happening. Laser treatment faced the same consequences after launching.  As this treatment is treating skin with ray, so a fear works all the time about having a harmful effect, especially skin cancer. But the good news is laser hair removal has no side effects like cancer. It is not that until no case or incident happened, scientists confirmed that it is impossible to get cancer by laser hair removal.

What is laser hair removal?

In the hair removal process with laser, a small accurate but high-power energy beam is frequently shot in the hairy area. The hair strands have pigments, and they absorb the laser beam. After absorbing, they go to the hair follicles. The beam energy attacks the hair follicles. These damages prevent hair growth from the follicle. This is called the hair removal with laser.

You will feel stung in the treatment, but the tolerance level will be adjusted per the customer’s body. The laser effectiveness works differently in different hair tones. Those who have dark hair gets fast and effective result.

You can reduce up to 90% hair after several laser hair removal sessions. Touch up session is required as hair regrows.

The laser is a precise wavelength of light, so all the laser treatments have the same effects.

From where cancer comes:

To be honest, there are millions of reasons for getting cancer, and we have no control over it. It’s human nature to look for strong blame when we get sick. And we target a new treatment. Well, this is natural because people are suffering from some treatments and products that come with harmful side effects.

The good thing about laser hair removal technology is the working procedure is well known, and they give a guarantee of not causing any type of cancer. 

Why laser has no side effect:

The process of hair removing with laser is radiating the area where you want to remove the hair. The skin under the hair follicles gets burned and inactive. There is talking about laser works in fair skin more than dark skin. It is because dark skin can absorb heat from the laser; by this, the ray fails to reach and burn the follicles. So, it needs high radiation power to work.

Though the radiation is strong to damage the hair follicles, there is no chance to create so much power to create the radiation that causes cancer. Actually, the radiation is non-ionizing. So, you can tell that the ray the laser uses for removing hair isn’t that strong to damage DNA. And keep in mind that if the non-ionizing was the cause of cancer, we all ought to have cancer because we are surrounded by this kind of stuffs like ultraviolet light, radio waves visible light.

Let’s talk about the hair removal treatment in details:

The treatment of laser hair remover doesn’t cause any type of cancer. The laser usually used in hair removal treatment exploits non-ionizing radiation. Now, what is ionization? Well, ionization is is the process where electrons are removed from molecules and atoms, making a change in the molecular that leads to specific genetic damage in the biological muscle. The electromagnetic radiation comes in weak energetic form, for example of microwave radiation. For the hair removal process, the laser that is used has less ability to ionize molecules and atoms; that is why it is known as “non-ionizing” radiation. The radiation comes with extreme heat in the targeted area, but the heat doesn’t break the DNA bonds and no chance of causing cell mutation. It is because we are surrounded by non-ionizing radiation. The non-ionizing radiation comes with the lowest frequency, radiofrequency, microwave, infrared, visible light, and range of ultraviolet.

Is it worth it to get laser hair removal?

Follow the points:

If you are tired of shaving all the time and face difficulty to reach in certain areas.

If you have an issue with hair growth after waxing or shaving.

If you love hairless and smooth skin

Then laser hair removal is for you. You will enjoy smooth skin surfaces in minutes. But for best results, you have to go for multiple sessions, and of course, a professional laser expert is required.

Is laser hair removal permanent?

No, it is a permanent hair reduction process. The laser destroys hair follicles from the root, but as our body is resilient, they try to replace dead or weak follicles. So after having the treatment, you need to attend the annual care sessions.

For genetic triggers and different lifestyles, hormone changes. New hair follicles grow fast. This is why a touch-up session is required. In touch up sessions, they will treat the areas that are taking time to give the result.

Is there another way to remove hair?

 Waxing is a quick way to produce smooth skin. But the procedure is painful and difficult. After the wax, hair grows quickly. And if you get laser hair removal, then the hair will grow a long way later. For permanent hair removal, you have to take 5 to 6 laser treatments. Some get the result after 3 or 4 sessions. But if possible, go up to 6 treatments to enjoy permanent hair removal.  


Hair removal with a laser from face and body is getting advanced day by day. So you can guess the chance of having side effects, especially like cancer, is never. But you have to take the treatment from a trained doctor. Laser treatment is safe. After taking the treatment, you may face some swelling and redness in the area that may last for hours. To minimize the problems, you have to avoid sun exposure. Make sure you go through the procedure of what to do and what not to do before and after the laser treatment. Keep in contact with your doctor and make sure he is a professional one.

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