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How to remove hair after laser treatment?

We love the hair in our head but don’t want any unwanted hair on the other parts of the body, especially on the face, leg, and hand. Some of us have extra hair form normal.

Few products help to remove the unwanted hair, but it doesn’t give a smooth feeling as the laser treatment gives.

By using beauty products, the skin experiences different side effects like blisters.

The laser treatment has some safe side effects, and it is an effective method. After the treatment, your body will experience hair-free and smooth skin. You have to know about treatment and what you have to do after the laser treatment.

What Is Laser Hair Removal?

To take care of our hair, we tend to follow any method we can. But to be honest, hair is like a dead protein; it is just like our nails. As for the hair removal process with laser, laser only works on the hair root. At first, laser targets the root and attacks to damage the hair growth procedure.

At any time, the growth phase of the follicles always stays at 20%. In this phase, the follicle builds up with melanin and creates a new hair strand. As melanin is the dark pigment, it is good in absorbing laser light. This simple step is the hair removal process. When the follicle is in the growth phase, the pigment absorbs the laser more. This absorption causes heat that kills the follicles to die. So new hair strand can’t grow from the dead follicle.

Understanding hair growth and laser hair removal

To remove annoying hair form the body, laser hair removal depends on the laser light. If you get laser treatment to remove hair, the use of shaving kit, wax, plucking will get minimize. The laser with extreme heat goes through the body skin to the hair root, which is also known as hair follicle in the skin surface below and removes the hair. Once the hair follicle gets permanently destroyed, new hair will stop growing. The growth rate of the hair is half an inch per month. The hair growth cycle is 8-10 weeks. The facial hair grows in the cycle of 4 weeks, and the legs get new hair growth every 8-10 weeks. This is why hair removal session is required every month.

Hair Growth Cycles

To make the laser treatment work, hair needs to be in a growing stage. In this stage, the hair stays visible on the skin surface. The laser light grabs the hair and goes through the hair follicle and destroys the root. Thus, laser hair removal is successful.

The catagen cycle is the hair stage when the hair falls out naturally. This stage doesn’t come because of the hair removal laser treatment. In this natural stage, hair grows before shedding.

The final stage of hair growth is the Telogen cycle. In this stage, hair doesn’t grow or develop as this stage is a resting stage. If your hair is in this stage, then you can’t treat the hair with laser.

All the hair type doesn’t promise the same cycle as the natural hair growth, hormone, and age differ per person to person. Every hair has its growth cycle.

When the laser hair removal session is over, in 7 to 30 days, the hair bulb will start growing. In this stage, you may experience bumps like ingrowing hair and redness.  Because the body will try to push out the hair from the follicle. As the hair is trapped, it caused bumpiness. So, you can tell the hair is rising when you will see the skin surface is uneven. If you feel that there is no bumpiness, then don’t try to tweeze or pluck because, in the next session, the hair root can’t be destroyed. When your skin gets red, try any ointment to reduce the redness. You can exfoliate the dead hair by using cotton and rub with it. If still, the dead hair is not going out, then wait till the hair falls out naturally.  Make sure to ask and tell any kind of question or irritation you feel to your laser specialist. The best medicine for this treatment is you have to be patient.

How to remove the hairs after treatment

After the treatment, you have to follow some basic rules to enjoy the best result. The expectations after the treatment are:

You have to avoid the sunlight. You have done it before as you have kept your skin protected from the sun for six weeks before going to the laser hair treatment. After taking the treatment, your skin is super sensitive. If you don’t avoid the sun, then you will face severe complications in the next sessions.

The hair will fall out, and it is sure. After taking the treatment, the hair will try to grow from the hair root. But in 10 to 14 days, the hair will be in the stage of falling out. At that time, you can remove the hair gently with a washcloth when you have a shower.

Do not dare to wax or pluck. When the hair reaches the falling out stage, you have to wait till the hair falls out naturally. So do not wax, tweeze, or pluck the hairs from the treated area. If you feel the hair is not shedding, then the root is still active. You have to mark the area and tell your laser professional in the next sessions. You can shave, but don’t use anything that will pull out the roots.

You have to go for more laser treatment sessions to get better results. Some patients need to take four to ten sessions to get permanent results. The duration of the session time is in every month or in two months.

After each laser hair removal treatment, you will notice less hair in the area you targeted. The hair that is still growing comes in a light color.

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