Intel Introduces Drones and Bat-Mounted Sensors to Revolutionize Cricket Coverage

Recently, Intel in alliance with American football’s NFL conducted a successful trial of drones’ technology in sports.

This is really going to be one of the most spectacular cricket events the world has ever seen and it’s really going to change the game of cricket forever.

And, now the company is delivering this technology to broadcasters covering the ongoing ICC champion trophy 2017.

Intel is Venturing into the Hearts of Indians with Cricket

As the cricket lovers across the globe are gearing up, and the teams are Beaton ready for the ICC Champion Trophy hosted by England & Wales, Intel Technologies has decided to take the command of automation in Cricket to another peak of sports revolution.

Now, Intel Falcon 8 Drone powered by infrared and HD cameras will do before match advanced pitch analysis, Bat Sensor backed by Curie technology will measure the magnitude of bat swing, and Virtual Reality packed will ensure some real fun for the crowd at the stadiums.

Sandra Lopez, the Vice President of Intel Sports Group in a statement devised “Our goal is to lead the way forward into the digitization and personalization of sports, transforming the way fans and athletes experience sports.

The advanced pitch analysis will envelop each and every that have an impact on the game of cricket- the22 yards, right from grass cover, its health, and topology.

While, the sensors implanted in bats will give those special insights to viewers into how the stroke was played-back-lift, bat speed, and follow-through. Meanwhile, these sensors have been developed by Bangalore-based smart wearables company, Specular.

The tech giant, Intel has also set up VR zones outside the stadium in Oval and Edgbaston; promise to offer cricketing enthusiasts all-new VR experiences, including testing their cricketing brain against a virtual bowler.

Manu Sawhney, ICC CEO in a press conference on Tuesday said, ‘We couldn’t be more excited to have Intel as our ‘Official Innovation Partner.’

Also added, “The innovations Intel is bringing to the game promise to transform how cricket is experienced and enjoyed around the world, and we look forward to partnering with Intel in this effort”

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