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Is laser hair removal safe for face?

Excessive hair growth and unwanted hair in different places are always considered irritating for all.

Some peoples are waiting to spend huge money and spending time to get rid of unwanted and excessive hair.

There are so many methods to remove the hair out there like electrolysis, shaving, and waxing.

These methods are traditional but expensive, time-consuming, and painful.

For these reasons, laser treatments are now popular treatment. It is like therapy with cosmetic treatment. In the world, some plastic surgeons are giving laser treatment worldwide. They are expert in giving treatment with smoothness and reducing the irritating hair.

With this treatment, the unwanted hair will go away in minutes. For this, people are getting interested in getting rid of the irritating hair, especially facial hair with laser hair removal treatment. But be careful about the treatment as it is the cosmetic treatment, you may face scar or burn in your skin.

As the face is the sensitive part of your body, you have to make sure the laser treatment is safe or not. Collect all the information about the laser treatment, especially on the face, then decide.

Laser Hair Removal for Face

In the body, if we have excess and unwanted hair, we can cover the body areas easily. But face can’t be covered or hidden. It always stays exposed. You will see some people have excess hair on the face. Some have hairs in the eyebrow, upper lip, and chin.  To remove them safely, people are going for laser hair removal. Laser hair removal treatment takes less time but has the effect of a long time. But you have to keep in mind that it will need lots of the session to get a better result.  

Side Effects of Laser Hair Removal on your Face

By getting laser hair removal treatment, you will get a beautiful face with smooth skin. But you will have to go through some pain as side effects of the face. The worst side effect of the hair removal laser is hair regrowth, especially in the area you have treated.

It is an open secret that laser doesn’t give permanent hair removal solution. It just reduces hair growth. Some patients get their hair back again within six months after taking the treatment. But the hair grows lighter and more delicate than before.

There are more side effects like-

  • You may experience slight pain
  • Your face will get red
  • Crusting may happen
  • The treatment area may have the risk of having an infection
  • The eye may get injured
  • The pigmentation will get changed
  • The scar may arrive in the area
  • You may face blistering

Is Laser Hair Removal Safe

I hope you have all the information about the laser hair removal treatment that it has some safe side effects like all the cosmetic surgery. Be mentally ready for the effects. The bad effect is when you will get an infection on the face, you will get in the eyes also.

But all these are curable and don’t last long. If you can endure the pain, go-ahead for the laser treatment because it is totally safe for your face, just keep your eye safe by wearing safe glass. Because the laser is harmful to the eye.

The pros and cons of laser hair removal

Now it is the time to know about the good and bad about the laser treatment. It is totally up to you to decide on removing hair from your body. You have to know the pros and cons before taking any decision. It will play a safe role for you.

What are the pros of the laser hair removal treatment?

The hair removal treatment doesn’t take away the hair forever, but it reduces hair growth radically. You will not have to worry about shaving.

You can take the treatment in any part of your body. The machine covers places like face, legs, stomach, back, bikini line, and anywhere you want. You can take the laser treatment with ease.

Now let’s talk about the pain while doing the hair removal treatment. You will have mixed pain feelings. The pain is like shaving and waxing. If you mix both of them, you will feel that kind of pain.

The cons of laser hair treatment

This treatment is a long process.  The sessions take less than a minute, but the multiple sessions are required to have the best results. And it may take six weeks.

Expensive treatment. If you calculate the spending on waxing or razors, you have to add more 400$ to spend in the laser treatment sessions. You have to invest in better results from the best treatment.

The laser works on fair skin and dark hair. So, the skin and hair, you need to get treated needs to contrast to help the laser to target. It doesn’t mean that dark skin tone can’t take the laser treatment. But you have to make sure the right laser is working on your skin and hair. Check the laser type and consult with the expertise.

If you take treatment from inexperienced expertise, then you will have skin with a scar and burn. There are now several laser treatment centers, but they don’t guarantee expert technicians. Even doctors need to get well trained to give proper laser treatment. So, check for the verified and certified ones before taking any treatments.


Yes, you can tell that laser treatment for hair removal is completely safe for face. Scientists have done lots of research and proved that laser is not harmful to facial hair remover. But one thing you have to ensure that you have to take the treatment from experienced laser expertise and do the treatment in a renowned laser clinic. Men and women both can take facial hair removal laser treatment. If you are totally irritated with your unwanted hair, then take laser treatment. It is really worth it. Save some money and go for the laser treatment. 

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