Laser hair removal side effects cancer?

Laser treatment, a new treatment that is becoming popular day by day.

When a new treatment comes in the front line, people try to sort out the harmful effects as things are happening.

Laser treatment faced the same consequences after launching.  As this treatment is treating skin with ray, so a fear works all the time about having a harmful effect, especially skin cancer.

But the good news is laser hair removal has no side effects like cancer.

It is not that until no case or incident happened, scientists confirmed that it is impossible to get cancer by laser hair removal.

What is laser hair removal?

In the hair removal process with laser, a small accurate but high-power energy beam is frequently shot in the hairy area. The hair strands have pigments, and they absorb the laser beam. After absorbing, they go to the hair follicles. The beam energy attacks the hair follicles. These damages prevent hair growth from the follicle. This is called the hair removal with laser.

You will feel stung in the treatment, but the tolerance level will be adjusted per the customer’s body. The laser effectiveness works differently in different hair tones. Those who have dark hair gets fast and effective result.

You can reduce up to 90% hair after several laser hair removal sessions. Touch up session is required as hair regrows.

The laser is a precise wavelength of light, so all the laser treatments have the same effects.

From where cancer comes:

To be honest, there are millions of reasons for getting cancer, and we have no control over it. It’s human nature to look for strong blame when we get sick. And we target a new treatment. Well, this is natural because people are suffering from some treatments and products that come with harmful side effects.

The good thing about laser hair removal technology is the working procedure is well known, and they give a guarantee of not causing any type of cancer. 

Why laser has no side effect:

The process of hair removing with laser is radiating the area where you want to remove the hair. The skin under the hair follicles gets burned and inactive. There is talking about laser works in fair skin more than dark skin. It is because dark skin can absorb heat from the laser; by this, the ray fails to reach and burn the follicles. So, it needs high radiation power to work.

Though the radiation is strong to damage the hair follicles, there is no chance to create so much power to create the radiation that causes cancer. Actually, the radiation is non-ionizing. So, you can tell that the ray the laser uses for removing hair isn’t that strong to damage DNA. And keep in mind that if the non-ionizing was the cause of cancer, we all ought to have cancer because we are surrounded by this kind of stuffs like ultraviolet light, radio waves visible light.

Let’s talk about the hair removal treatment in details:

The treatment of laser hair remover doesn’t cause any type of cancer. The laser usually used in hair removal treatment exploits non-ionizing radiation. Now, what is ionization? Well, ionization is is the process where electrons are removed from molecules and atoms, making a change in the molecular that leads to specific genetic damage in the biological muscle. The electromagnetic radiation comes in weak energetic form, for example of microwave radiation. For the hair removal process, the laser that is used has less ability to ionize molecules and atoms; that is why it is known as “non-ionizing” radiation. The radiation comes with extreme heat in the targeted area, but the heat doesn’t break the DNA bonds and no chance of causing cell mutation. It is because we are surrounded by non-ionizing radiation. The non-ionizing radiation comes with the lowest frequency, radiofrequency, microwave, infrared, visible light, and range of ultraviolet.

Is it worth it to get laser hair removal?

Follow the points:

If you are tired of shaving all the time and face difficulty to reach in certain areas.

If you have an issue with hair growth after waxing or shaving.

If you love hairless and smooth skin

Then laser hair removal is for you. You will enjoy smooth skin surfaces in minutes. But for best results, you have to go for multiple sessions, and of course, a professional laser expert is required.

Is laser hair removal permanent?

No, it is a permanent hair reduction process. The laser destroys hair follicles from the root, but as our body is resilient, they try to replace dead or weak follicles. So after having the treatment, you need to attend the annual care sessions.

For genetic triggers and different lifestyles, hormone changes. New hair follicles grow fast. This is why a touch-up session is required. In touch up sessions, they will treat the areas that are taking time to give the result.

Is there another way to remove hair?

 Waxing is a quick way to produce smooth skin. But the procedure is painful and difficult. After the wax, hair grows quickly. And if you get laser hair removal, then the hair will grow a long way later. For permanent hair removal, you have to take 5 to 6 laser treatments. Some get the result after 3 or 4 sessions. But if possible, go up to 6 treatments to enjoy permanent hair removal.  


Hair removal with a laser from face and body is getting advanced day by day. So you can guess the chance of having side effects, especially like cancer, is never. But you have to take the treatment from a trained doctor. Laser treatment is safe. After taking the treatment, you may face some swelling and redness in the area that may last for hours. To minimize the problems, you have to avoid sun exposure. Make sure you go through the procedure of what to do and what not to do before and after the laser treatment. Keep in contact with your doctor and make sure he is a professional one.

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