The Importance of Attitude in Meetings and Proposals

I want to digress today from the subject matter we normally talk about (I’m still trying to figure that out by the way) and talk about attitude. I realize that this may come off sounding like “self-help” motivational mumbo-jumbo but hear me out.

Lisa and I were on the way to an important meeting a few weeks ago and were discussing our hopes for the desired outcome.

The ensuing discussion brought up some interesting points that I’d like to pose for thought and discussion.

Hope vs. Confidence

We all have important meetings we have to go to from time to time in our lives. Job interviews, business meetings with the higher-ups in our company, a presentation or proposal for our business. Most of these meetings could have a short-term impact on our day-to-day lives but some of them have the potential to be truly life-changing.

Most of us tend to go into these meetings thinking the same thing: I hope they like me; I hope they like what I have to say;, I hope they hire me; I hope they buy my product. Whether you realize it or not when you think those kinds of thoughts you cut your chances before you even walk into the meeting. Here’s why: our thoughts determine our attitudes and our attitudes determine our actions. When we walk into a meeting thinking “I hope…” we will come across as hopeful, maybe even needy and desperate.

Can I share an inside secret with you? I know how this is going to sound so put your judgments aside for a moment and hear me out.

When I walk into a job interview, business meeting, etc., here is what I’m thinking: I really am all that and a bag of chips. I’m not just good, I’m amazing and these guys are complete idiots if they don’t ______ (hire me, accept my proposal, use my services, etc.).

Change The Way You Look At Things

Proud and obnoxious? Absolutely. But remember, important meetings are no place for humility and modesty. You’re trying to convince a skeptic that you or your idea or product are worth investing in.

Here’s why I think that way. When I walk into a meeting thinking those kinds of thoughts it bolsters my confidence and changes my whole mode of communication. It subconsciously changes the words you use and how you present yourself or your idea. It was Max Planck, a Nobel Prize-winning physicist, who said, When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Instead of asking them to consider my service, I’m giving them the opportunity to purchase my expertise. Instead of simply hoping they hire me, I’m displaying poise and confidence in my abilities. When you begin to change your mindset, everything about you begins to change.

I cannot begin to tell how important this mental posturing has been for me through the years. Remember, this kind of attitude takes time to grow and develop. Confidence doesn’t always come overnight. And of course, it always helps when you have the goods to back up your claim, but that’s a subject for another post.

I’d like to know what you think. What is your mental state when you walk into important meetings? Have you ever experienced the opposite of your desired outcome because of hopefull or worried thoughts?

About the Author Brad Ruggles

I love my family more than anything but I still struggle to keep my passions and priorities in order. I’m passionate about the Church, its influence on culture, and making it better.