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The minimum age for laser hair removal

Day by day, laser hair removal treatment is getting popular as a safe way of removing body hair treatment.

You can get rid of unwanted body hair in many different locations you want.

The popularity of this treatment is getting high, and people of ages are getting interested in taking the treatment.

Now the question is which age is perfect for taking laser hair removal?

When young people want to take the treatment, at first know their motive. Know about the age, check if he/she is mature enough to understand the expectation and process and is mature enough to know the importance of taking care of the skin. And the most important thing is the permission of the guardian. The doctor can go for the treatment without any permission. And for the parents, make sure you are going to the right doctor to take the treatment.

What age is perfect for the treatment?

Though the treatment is safe, twelve years is the best age to go for the treatment. There is not much risk in this treatment, but the burning skin or pigmentation change is a big problem for the children’s skin. The treatment takes time to work. So, it is not sure that the young one will stay still until the treatment goes the end, and as they have to go for many sessions, don’t think they have that patience to wait.

But from the age of sixteen, the kid is mature enough to understand the process and enjoy the moment while taking the treatment. So, I think 14 to 16 is the best age to take laser hair removal treatment.

The reason for making the age limit for taking the hair removal treatment is for the hormonal change situation. This change comes for the puberty. We go through the teenage year with puberty with the hair change situation. In this time the body hair grows and gets thick. It is not a wise decision to wait for hair growth in the last stage to get the best result.

If your young child is dealing with excess hair problems, make sure to contact an experienced laser treatment specialist who has experience with kids. If you find one, take the treatment from him be it expensive and long treatment.

Treating teens have some issues

You may face difficulty to find some laser hair treatment experts to treat your teenage kid. There are reasons. The biggest problem is the adolescent hormone; this hormone makes the hair growth fast even the area is treated with the laser. You will get the best result for some days, but after weeks or months, hair growth will be seen in the treated area. You will realize that the treatment needs time and money for a long time to get the best results. But this treatment is expensive. If the guardian and teen agree with the time and money, then treatment will be safe and effective. Just search for the expert that works with hair removal treatment, especially who is working with the age group. This search promises the best result.

What kind of solution you require?

The best thing about laser treatment, there are now different options. You can customize the treatment options to improve the skin and hair. If it is your kid, who needs the laser hair removal treatment, discuss with the laser specialist to use the best laser treatment to work. The laser treatment doesn’t work on tan skin, remember that. If your kid has to stay under the sun, then the treatment will not work for the skin.  The laser hair treatment offers hair reduce for any skin type with a safe procedure. Just make your kid mentally prepared for the long sessions

How to prepare your kid to get the laser treatment?

Although the treatment is safe, you have to take some preparation before taking the hair removal treatment. Before the treatment, ask your expert:

  • Is the dermatologist board-certified and have experience?
  • How many treatments did the doctor give?
  • How long will the session take?
  • How many sessions does my kid need?
  • What are the results?
  • What to follow before taking the hair removal treatment?
  • What are the side effects?
  • How much I have to pay for the whole treatment?

The dermatologists will inform you some information like below:

  • Do I have any tan?
  • Is there any scar on your kid’s skin?
  • If my skin has any outbreaks of genital herpes or cold sores.
  • If my kid is taking any kind of medicine?

You have to answer all these questions, and it is mandatory. The skin expert will also have a skin examine because he has to know the type of your skin. And also the area where the hair is growing, the color and the hair growth cycle.

Before the treatment:

If your kid needs anesthesia, then don’t give him/her food from midnight.

Make your kid prepare for the treatment by talking with him/her.

 The treatment day:

  • Give your kid comfortable clothes.
  • Stay with your kid during the session.
  • Give your kid a protective glass.
  • Keep your kid calm during the session
  • Make sure to follow all the rules after the treatment is done.
  • Talk with the doctor if any problem occurs suddenly.


Laser treatment, especially hair removal treatment, is safe for every age. Laser hair removal treatment is for them who don’t want any unwanted hair on the body. If your kid has excess hair on the body, then you can think about having the hair removal treatment. But don’t take the kid unprepared. Make him understand the process and duration. If your kid is not a calm kid, then wait for him to grow mature enough. Because the session requires a calm patient. Apart from that, laser hair removal treatment is safe for any age. Make sure the dermatologist is the expert one especially who works with kid’s skin.

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