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Top 5 Questions I Asked My Partner On Our First Date

Going on a first date can be exciting now that you’re preparing to meet a person you’ve never seen before.

In this era of the internet, many couples meet online before the actual date is arranged.

Actually, couples chat with one another and they get to ask a lot more questions before they find the confidence to meet each another. If you’re a guy, then click on this link to get a huge list of questions to ask a girl by John Davenport of Sociotelligence.

However, the worst might happen when the questions you ask a man are likely to turn them off.

Yes, believe it or not, if you don’t have the correct skills to ask a man the right question at the right time, your first date will fail.

The truth is, you need to face reality, and you must prepare for it to minimize the possibility of a negative outcome.

And in case you didn’t know, your questions have the ability to chase away one man after the other, because the same questions tend to bother all men.

So if it doesn’t work today, it won’t work tomorrow and the day after. Then you’ll begin wondering why men never contact you after your first date with them.

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It’s not that you aren’t beautiful, so stop cursing yourself. Men want women who ask them questions they want to answer, and not questions that bother them.

Once you learn how to ask such questions, you’ll realize that you are more at ease with yourself when attending dates. You’ll become confident with yourself because you’ve mastered the art.

That said, what are some of these questions you need to ask your man during the first date?

Let’s see them below and hopefully you’ll learn a thing or two:

1. When you meet a man the first time, you need to know what sort of relationship they are looking for. In fact, according to relationship experts, this is the most important question to ask during the first date.

When you ask a man this question and they give you their answer, you’ll know exactly what you are getting yourself into.

Yes, you may have stated it in your profile that you are looking for a committed relationship, but it’s worth it asking them again for reaffirmation. It won’t look awkward, and the other party will know upfront what you are looking for.

2. You should ask them about the biggest mistakes that women make in their relationships. His answer will let you know what turns him off about women and his view about them in general.

However, you don’t necessarily have to ask this question during your first date. You can ask him later after you get into a relationship with him.

3. And if you want to discover what drives him or the reason why he does what he is doing, you could ask them questions like: ”If you could have any job in the world, what could it be?” This will help you know whether his motivation is driven by money, adrenaline or domestic bliss.

On the other hand, the man will try to answer you as honestly as he can because men like to be asked questions related to why they doing or what they do for a living. Such a question will give the man a chance to boast about what he has achieved.

4. Ask them whether or not they’ve had their hearts broken in the past. The more attractive or defensive a man is, the more likely their answer will be a ”No”. However, if a man is very honest with you, they will say ”Yes”, and that reflects their humility. Again, this is a question you don’t have to ask during the first date. You can always ask it anytime.

5. Let them tell you about their family. This makes the man feel like you really care and you wouldn’t mind being part of his family. The reason why some dates fail is that one party usually feels that the other is not very interested in them, and so they don’t see a reason to organize for a second one.

This is a question you should ask during your first meeting. However, make sure it’s not the first question that opens up your conversation.

The questions you ask will play a vital role in how a man will perceive you. So if you want to be smart, equip yourself with the above dating tips for women and see how it goes this time around.

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